4th October 2016


Konica Minolta - Colour or black & white photocopiers


The Konica Minolta bizhub product portfolio offers a versatile product series covering all areas of digital imaging: Flexible multifunctional bizhub photocopiers of different speeds deliver colour and/or black & white output for offices of all sizes. Efficient colour and/or black & white laser printers and small but swift all-in-one multi-function printers are also part of the extensive product range.

Often, it can be a little bit bewildering trying to work out which device would be best for you. So why not make contact so we can help you make exactly the right decision? You can call us on 023 8026 7755, email us on info@orscopiers.com or fill out our web form on the right hand side of the page.

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Should I Buy A Colour Or Black & White Photocopier?

The answer to this question can be found initially by looking at what you actually print in your office, but there is also a secondary and important consideration – cost.

For some companies it’s very easy to understand what you print – a great example would be a firm of accountants who only print text – documents such as reports and spreadsheets of which there is rarely a need for any colour. If however you work in an office that prints more creative material, tender responses or brochures with pictures then you will more than likely have the need to print in colour. If you are in doubt, then its probably better to opt for a colour photocopier to give yourself the flexibility. You can always use print management software to control the colour usage on the copier.

The second consideration is cost. Initial purchase price of a black and white photocopier will be cheaper than that of a colour copier. On top of this, the cost per page of printing black & white on a black & white only copier is cheaper than printing black & white on a colour copier. Over time this could represent a significant saving and well worth considering. Each individual business will have its own set of unique requirements and it may be the case that you need more than one printer. In this case the majority of devices could be black & white with one or two being colour to cater for certain departments or document types.