17th February 2017

Printer Maintenance Agreements – How Do They Work?

If you are in the process of purchasing a new multi-function printer, then chances are you’ve been asked if you want a printer maintenance agreement or a service agreement to go with it.

What Are The Options?

Essentially there are two options available to you when purchasing a new printer / copier. You can purchase or lease the printer and simply buy your toners and maintain the machine yourself. If you have any breakdowns you’ll either need to fix them yourself, or pay for an engineer to fix them for you. The other option is to take what is known as a printer maintenance agreement or printer service agreement to cover both your toner use,servicing and fixes that may be required. In many ways a maintenance agreement is much like an extended warranty and offers total peace of mind and minimum effort for the end user.

Printer Maintenance Agreements In More Detail

Maintenance agreements are often referred to as cost per copy, click charge or cpc. They all mean the same thing, but are essentially a pay as you go scheme to cover ink and printer maintenance. When you sign up to an agreement you’ll be given a cost per copy for colour and cost per copy for black and white. This is what you’ll pay for every colour or black and white page you print. The good thing is that if you don’t print much then you won’t be charged much and if you print more then its a consistent cost per copy figure with no surprises involved.

When Are Printer Maintenance Agreements Suitable?

As a rule, you’d need to be printing around 1000-1500 copies per month to make a printer maintenance agreement worthwhile. One essential element to facilitate any maintenance agreement is the inclusion of a page meter on your printer. Without this, the number of pages you have printed cannot be counted which would make it impossible to have an agreement. Fortunately most printers other than the basic units you might find at the likes of PC World will have a page meter.

Printer Maintenance Agreements