1st February 2017


Leasing a printer or multifunction device is favoured by many businesses both small and large. When asked why they lease their devices, the first thing many businesses highlight is avoiding the large initial capital outlay. This can be an eye watering figure if you have a large print fleet spread across numerous departments. Cash flow is vital to every company and tying up large capital sums just doesn’t make sense even to cash rich organisations. Legitimate tax benefits are also highly attractive.

If you purchase a photocopier outright then it is usually written down as a capital allowance. For most businesses in the UK,  HMRC allow you to claim 40% of the overall purchase price in the first year and 25% over subsequent years. This may also be higher if it’s you are a startup.

If you lease a photocopier the monthly costs are 100% tax deductible as the finance company still owns the copier and is therefore counted as a service that you are buying in.


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