14th October 2016

DocuWare Cloud

DocuWare Cloud

Are you still printing invoices, emails, agendas, presentations and other paper documents?

Did you know you can use your multi-function device / photocopier to scan documents straight into DocuWare Cloud rather than printing them out?

This brings immediate cost savings to your business.

Less printing  = less print associated costs (paper, ink, consumables)

Electronic document management with DocuWare Cloud 

  • Reduces the need to print
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases document security
  • Optimises processes
  • Increases efficiency

DocuWare Monitor

Here’s How It Works

You scan your documents rather than printing them. DocuWare then stores all your documents, regardless of their source or format, in a secure and organised manner, in a central document pool. One search quickly locates related documents right from your desktop. Customers and partners can use the internet to view the documents they need.

How Does DocuWare Work?

The Results

In seconds, documents are displayed in a browser, no matter if it’s a monitor, a tablet or a smartphone. The entire company profits from increased efficiencies and reduced costs – which means MORE for the bottom line.

DocuWare On Devices


Over 14,000 customers worldwide are already enjoying the rewards of electronic document management. Once documents are filed, they are available when and where you need them – in the office, on the road, worldwide and at any time.

DocuWare Cloud Pricing

DocuWare also simplifies your workflow processes.

More Profit


Anytime, Anywhere DocuWare Smart Connect Module

DocuWare Cloud is available to you at any time from anywhere; at home, in the office, or travelling. No technical preparation is needed – just an Internet connection.

DocuWare Connect To Outlook ModuleSecure

Security is top priority for your data. Your documents are transmitted fully encrypted and stored in the data centre.

DocuWare Mobile ModuleScalable

The tailored packages for DocuWare Cloud allow you to grow your system with your needs. You can add additional users or storage space at any time, without changing your familiar working environment.

No InstallationDocuWare Paper Scan

To get started all you need is a URL. The client runs on all established web browsers. Desktop Apps are provided for special functions.

DocuWare Task ManagerCost

You only pay for what you need. Flexible licensing options give you the full range of functionality, tailored to the number of users and documents you have.

DocuWare Auto IndexMaintenance Free

DocuWare Cloud runs around the clock, without you having to worry about system stability, response times, or updating the operating system.

Hosted in the EU

All of your data is stored in Europe and is therefore subject to strict data protection regulations.

24/7 Availability

Both the system and our specialists are available around the clock. Disruption is immediately resolved no matter what the time of day.


Communication through your browser and client applications to DocuWare Cloud is always encrypted. Only you know about your data and activities, and they are safe from third parties.

Data storage

Your data is generally stored in different geographical regions. Together with redundant storage, this ensures the highest level of data security.


All documents are stored encrypted in a multi-staged process. Only the DocuWare Cloud system can encrypt and supply documents. It is not possible to read or open documents through the file system.


DocuWare Cloud is certified ISO27001 annually. All processes and technical installations meet the requirements for a modern information security management system.