What is Find Me Printing?

At ORS Copiers, we can provide a piece of print management software that has many benefits. There is one that I would like to discuss in a bit more detail and explain just how useful a feature it can be. This feature is called Find Me Printing and can be part of the print management software called PaperCut. It comes into its own when you have two or more multi-function printers.

So what is it and how does it work?

Without this feature, a user would simply send their print job to a selected printer. They would then walk up to the printer and retrieve their job. This is the most common and obvious way to print and works well for most users.

However, there are a variety of issues with this method of printing. For example, security. What if that document contains sensitive information? Do you want it sat on the machine where anyone could pick it up or view it?

What is Find Me Printing? A printer with documents on top.

Also, there are unclaimed print jobs. How often do you walk up to a printer to find various other jobs sat on the device waiting to be claimed? This can be annoying because you then have to sift through these unclaimed jobs to find yours. Plus, there is all the wasted paper and cost of the printing. Unclaimed print jobs are usually the result of printing to the wrong device or pressing ‘print’ multiple times for the same job.

With ‘Find Me Printing,’ the print job is sent to the print server where its waits until it is requested. The user can go to any MFP on the network, enter their code or swipe their ID card and claim their job. Therefore, the document will not be printed until the user is stood at the device.

This means the chances of the document getting into the wrong hands or being seen by the wrong person, are greatly reduced.

Unclaimed jobs are also greatly reduced for the same reason, as the job will then be sent to the device they stood at. If the user pressed ‘print’ multiple times, this will be displayed on the MFP screen and the user would have the option of deleting duplicate jobs.

The use of such features are encouraged by ORS Copiers as part of our commitment to reducing the overall printing of our customers. If you’d like to find out more about Find Me Printing, or any of the other services we offer then feel free to call us on 023 8026 7755, email us on info@orscopiers.com or fill out our web form on the right hand side of the page.