The Pitfalls Of Buying A Refurbished / Second Hand Printer

There are significant advantages associated with purchasing a brand new printer vs a second hand printer. First up you get the latest technology – this means a machine that will be quick, efficient and packed with the latest features. On top of this you’ve got almost guaranteed reliability, a manufacturers warranty with a service contract to wrap up the offering. Chances of a breakdown are very unlikely and you can purchase the printer using a cost effective lease agreement.

There is a lot more to consider when buying a refurbished / second hand printer. The initial purchase price may look attractive at first glance, but consider the following:

  • Reliability – If you are buying second hand printer then you need to understand how much use the printer you are buying has already endured in its former life. The biggest problem is you just don’t know how much use it has already had, by who and for what. Modern printers are well built, but nothing goes on forever and as things begin to wear out they become unreliable, tend to jam or even breakdown. Is a lack of reliability really worth the potential business disruption? 
  • Monthly maintenance costs – A second hand printer will never be as efficient or reliable as a new device. Ongoing costs for toner, consumables and parts are almost certainly going to be higher. Additionally service parts and toners tend to increase in cost as their production numbers and demand decreases.
  • Warranty – Warranty = peace of mind. Unfortunately with a refurbished printer you are unlikely to receive much more than a 30 day warranty. Quite frankly, this is a token offering to get you out the door and almost worthless. A new printer on the other hand will be backed up with a comprehensive manufacturers warranty.
  • Tax efficiencies – It is more cost effective to lease a printer than making an outright purchase. Leasing second hand is possible, but doesn’t work out as efficiently as leasing from new.

Second hand printer being repaired