Konica Minolta Launches New A4 Colour Multi Function Printers

Konica Announce New Colour Multi Function Printers

Konica Minolta have launched 3 new colour multi function printers:

The new range introduces some radical changes, with the new devices incorporating the same firmware and controller as the A3 devices, meaning that we’re sharing the same platform right across A3 and A4.
This means the new control panel on our A4 devices is the same as our control panel on the “7” and “8” series.
Another change on the new A4 devices is that many functions previously only available for A3 such as standard web-browser, user boxes, i-options and internal wi-fi connection will now be available on an A4 devices.
In regards to the internal wi-fi connections, like the A3 devices, this device can be put on two networks- a company LAN and a wi-fi hotspot for guest users.
The final change is that the two 38ppm models (C3851 & C3851FS) will have a fax option as standard making these models the perfect replacement to desktop printers and faxes.