Photocopier Prices – Everything You Need To Know

What’s the cost? How much is it? What’s the price? Just like buying anything else in this world, we all want to cut to the chase and find out the the price. Photocopier prices, just like anything else you purchase will vary greatly. They do so for many reasons which include:

  • Brand – Just like buying a car – there are premium brands and there are economy brands, needless to say there are some that sit somewhere in the middle. The most popular brands include Konica Minolta, Canon, Ricoh, Lexmark, Xerox to name but a few.Photocopier prices - A bizhub C380
  • Quantity – Like purchasing many things, economies of scale are at work. If you are buying a greater number of photocopiers then a better discount can be gained from the manufacturer – something we can in turn pass on to the customer.
  • Colour or black and white – It is almost always more expensive to buy a colour copier over a black and white photocopier. The reason for this is simply that they are more expensive to produce and contain more sophisticated mechanisms internally. This is something well worth considering when you purchase your next photocopier – do you really need colour?
  • Features and performance – Again, just like buying a new car – the models with all the gadgets and the bigger engines cost more. It’s the same with photocopiers – A slower desktop A4 copier will cost significantly less than a large A3 device that prints at 47 pages per minute. On top of this, most photocopier prices also vary depending on optional extras such as additional trays, document finishers and card readers.
  • Purchasing outright or leasing?  – If you are looking to purchase outright, you’ll simply get a one off cost for that device. If you are buying a number of devices outright there maybe discounts to be gained. If you are leasing, then your pricing will be very different – this will be based on a given number of years, the volume of documents that you print and the split between printing black and white and colour.

So as you can see, if you are searching for photocopier prices then there are lots of things to consider – in most cases it’s not a click and buy product. We would always advise speaking to one of our consultants. By getting a better understanding your requirements, our team can help work out the most cost effective way for you to buy your next copier.

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