Should I Buy a Black and White Photocopier or Colour Photocopier?

Black and white photocopier or colour copier? The answer to this question may seem obvious, especially if you are only purchasing one device. However, if you are looking at multiple devices, it’s worth considering a mix of colour and black and white photocopiers.

Clearly, if you need to print/copy in colour, you will need at least one colour device. But you need to ask the question, do we really need to print/copy in colour? It is worth bearing in mind that it actually costs ten times as much to print in colour as it is does in black and white (mono). This can translate to a significant business expense for something that may not be necessary.

Although the cost of colour photocopiers has dropped considerably, it’s still worth considering black and white photocopiers for the following reasons.

  • Still cost less than colour photocopiers.
  • Completely removes the chances of unnecessary colour printing/copying, therefore keeping costs down.
  • Nearly all modern black and white photocopiers will have a colour scanner.
  • Can have faster print speed over the colour photocopiers.

So if you are trying to reduce your overall printing costs and are confident that you don’t ever need to print in colour, then a black and white photocopier will suffice. However, if colour is still needed, then consider having a limited number of colour photocopiers in your fleet.

Black and White Photocopier Image