What are The Benefits of Using a Local Photocopier Supplier?

Local Photocopier Supplier IconThere certainly are a bewildering number of photocopier suppliers out there. A quick search on Google brings up a huge number of adverts for photocopier suppliers and plenty of adverts for comparison websites that would like to put you in contact with a photocopier supplier.

So how do you choose who to engage with? Should you use a local photocopier supplier? What are the benefits of buying local or should you use a national firm or just the cheapest you can find?

Some of the benefits of using a local photocopier supplier include:

  • Building and maintaining relationships is easy. As a local supplier it’s easy to stay in touch with customers – face to face visits can be made as regularly as required to make sure everything is running smoothly – why just be a voice at the end of the phone? One of the problems with dealing with a larger national chain is they are often reluctant to visit in person unless you are deemed a large or important account.
  • Big enough to deliver, small enough to care. It might sound like good marketing speak but good local photocopier suppliers can offer all the services of a national chain but also add that more personal touch regardless of how big or small your company is. One of the problems of buying from a larger national chain is that you can easily just become a number – surprise surprise they contact you when its time to renew your contract and almost forget who you are for the rest of the year.
  • Support is quick and easy. As a supplier who isn’t far away it’s easy to respond to support issues and problems can be dealt with quickly.
  • Local empathy – Local photocopier suppliers often find they already have an understanding of your business because they have had some connection with it already. Working with a supplier that understands your business and the locality you work in is always advantageous.
  • Competition is keen but fair. Every photocopier supplier has competition in their local area – this means you’ll always receive fair pricing and suppliers will always been keen to win your business regardless of size or value.
  • Supporting your local community – sourcing locally demonstrates investment in your local community and provides jobs in your area. It can be used as good PR for your company too