14th October 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

In the world of office technology, its easy to get confused with all the different terms, abbreviations and descriptions. So we’ve included some of them with their meanings in this frequently asked questions section.

What is a MFP/MFD?                                

This stands for Multifunctional Printer/Multifunctional Device. These commercial grade devices generally print, copy and scan with the option of fax if requested. Unlike their desktop equivalents, the commercial MFP/MFP perform all the functions extremely well. The printing, scanning and copying will be far more efficient than a standard desktop device. These devices are still often called photocopiers or even a Xerox machine. The word photocopier is somewhat out of date these days as multifunctional printer is capable of far more than just copying. These devices are available as colour and black and white or just black and white.

What is a desktop printer?

In the world of MPS, this means a basic device that is purchased often from a high street location or website. These printers are perfectly acceptable if you only do minimal printing such as in a home office. However, they tend to be slow and the functionality can be painfully inefficient

What is mono, monochrome or greyscale?                           

Often called black and white printing, it is when only black toner is used to produce the image. This will include shades of grey. This is the most cost effective way to print.

What does DPI mean?                                         

This refers to the resolution of the image as dot per square inch. The higher the number, the better the resolution and image quality. However, there are other factors to consider with image quality such as the type/quality of paper used.

What are PPMs?                            

Its the maximum speed at which the MFP engine can produce the actual prints/copies. This can range from 20 per minute to 110 pages per minute.

What are IPMs?                                          

Similar to PPM, but refers to scanning pages per minute. In todays workplace place this is becoming as an important factor as PPM, if not more important. With more businesses adopting digital document management, an efficient and effective scanner is essential.

What is CPC?                                 

This refers to service element of your MFP and stands for cost per copy. Cost per copy is charged per A4 print/copy and is split into colour and mono. Included in your CPC should be all replacement toner, servicing, call-outs, spare parts and labour.

What is Simplex and Duplex?                            

Simplex means single-sided and duplex means double-sided. Pretty much every MFP will print, copy and scan in duplex.

What is a universal paper tray? 

This is a tray that can be adjusted to allow a range of paper sizes. For example, A6 to A3. Non-universal paper trays can lack the flexibility and can only store one paper size.

Bypass Tray?

An additional tray that sits at the side of the MFP. Usually lower capacity than standard paper trays, but still very useful. For example it will allow much heavier paper to be passed through the MFP.

What does GSM mean?                                       

This refers to the weight of paper. Most office paper ranges from 80gsm to 100gsm, although heavier paper is used for presentations etc. Most MFPs generally can take up to 256gsm duplex and up to 300gsm simplex through a bypass tray.

How much paper is there is a ream?

500 sheets of A4 paper

How much paper is there in a box of paper                           

2500 sheets of A4 paper

What is an HDD?                                         

This is an internal hard disk drive which sits inside the MFP. It has many uses such as keeping documents stored on the device for direct printing. It also allows facilities such secure print and print management software.

What is a Postscript?                   

High quality print driver that gives Mac users the ability to print with full capabilities.

What does SLA mean?                            

Service level agreement is a contract between a service provider and the end user that defines the level of service expected from the service provider. For example, call out times.

What is printer downtime?                     

This is when the MFP is unable to print due to breakdown, lack of toner, lack of paper or any other technical fault. This can cause major issues for any organisation, especially if they are print critical.

What is Print Critical?                              

This is when an organisation must have the ability to produce or scan documents to a deadline. For example some organisations face large financial penalties if such deadlines are not met. Alternatively, if documents must be produced on demand in a customer facing environment.